Lawyers as Peacemakers

Law is an adversarial business–it can be difficult to find ways of successfully practicing while also providing balance and well-being to your clients and yourself. Lawyers as Peacemakers can teach you new ways of finding satisfaction in your job and providing comprehensive, solution-focused services to clients; sometimes it’s not about winning, it’s about finding the best possible answer for everyone involved. These practices focus on a more holistic, humanistic, solution-based approach to resolving legal problems, an approach that many clients want and need:
  • Collaborative Law
  • Restorative Justice
  • Problem-Solving Courts
  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence
  • Community Lawyering
  • Humanizing Legal Education
  • Transformative Mediation
  • Preventive Law
Lawyers as Peacemakers is an overview of these approaches and how they’re being applied right now, as well as instruction on ways, big and small, you can incorporate them into your work.

A 2010 ABA Best Seller